The Brazil Reader: History, Culture, Politics Study Guide

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John Aguilar Jr.
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Book TItle:
The Brazil Reader: History, Culture, Politics
Book Author:
Robert M Levine and John J. Crocitti, Editors
Copyright Year:

This exam goes over a collection of writings, where both traditional and modern views are highlighted, including some first hand accounts. This book covers the history of Brazil from colonial times to modern democracy. A follow up to the Peru Reader, the Brazil Reader is an excellent entry point to Brazilian history. 

The Brazil Reader covers the history of Brazil and includes colonial times, the empire, republican years, Brazil's struggle with ending slavery, the Vargas years, and the return to democratic ideals. It includes women's perspectives, cultural highlights, and first-hand historical accounts. Letters, photographs, legal documents, art, and other sources that include mythology and scholarly analyses are woven together to create a well-balanced presentation of Brazilian history. The privileged and the poor, with a stark line of separation delineating them, are both represented. The entire geography of Brazil, including the Amazon, the Northeast, and Central-South are included in this collection of writings. Many of the pieces included in The Brazil Reader have been translated into English for the first time in this book.