Psychology Research Methods

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Margaret Ohama
Neu Academic
Social Sciences/Psychology

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Research Methods: Are You Equipped?
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Jennifer Bonds-Raacke & John Raacke
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This exam was created to help students understand the core principles and key terminology of psychology research. Students will be quizzed on the goals of research, research methods, variables, tests for reliability, hypothesis testing, internal and external validity, and types of research designs. 

This exam covers many topics within the topic of research methods. First, it will cover the goals and methods of psychology and ethics. Then, nonexperimental methods, variables, reliability, and validity. Part three will cover hypothesis testing, selection of variables, operational definitions, selection/assignment of participants, and controls/threats to internal validity. The next section will cover types of designs which includes: between subjects designs, within subjects designs, factorial designs, and single case designs. Finally, a small portion of the quiz will cover interpreting results and a little bit about APA style (6th edition).