General Chemistry 1

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Julia Casciano
Neu Academic
Natural Sciences/Chemistry

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Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity
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Kotz, Treichel, Townsend
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This practice exam covers the beginning principles of general chemistry at the college level. The test contains both conceptual ideas, such as definitions, and some brief calculations. 

On this exam, a total of eleven chemistry topics will be covered. They include the basic chemistry concepts, atoms, molecules, and ions, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, principles of chemical reactivity, structure of atoms, periodic trends, bonding/molecular structure, orbital hybridization, gases and their properties, and intermolecular forces. Some of the rather detailed topics that this test goes into also include reactions with a limiting reactant, percent yield, calorimetry, enthalpy calculations, oxidation-reduction reactions, electron configurations of atoms, atomic properties and periodic trends, atomic formal charges, bond length, molecular shape, and partial pressures. It is also important to consider that almost every calculation in chemistry is based upon the idea of a mole, a scientific unit of measurement that measures large amounts of very small entities, and its respective ratios.