Archaeology, Pre-historic Anthropology

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Danielle Escueta
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Social Sciences/Anthropology

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Archaeology Essentials, 3rd Edition
Book Author:
Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn
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This exam is meant to enhance your understanding of the subject matter of Archaeology, and contains roughly the same amount of multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank and true or false questions. For each question, select or fill in the choice that is most appropriate.  

Exam-takers should read through each question carefully and take notes on difficult concepts.

This exam will introduce you to the methods and theories that prehistorians (one kind of archaeologist) use to study world prehistory. Prehistory is generally known as the time before written "history." To decipher the past, pre-historical anthropologists must utilize the techniques of archaeology to investigate the remnants of a world before records.

This exam covers the following:

The Nature and Aims of Archaeology

The History of Archaeology

The Variety of the Evidence

Survey and Excavation of Sites and Features

Dating Methods and Chronology

Social Archaeology

Environment, Subsistence, and Diet

Technology, Trade, and Exchange

The Bioarchaeology of People

Cognitive Archaeology

Explanation in Archaeology

Archaeology and the Public

Managing our Heritage