One Mistake At A Time

Testing has always been an integral part of learning and the exchange of knowledge. Interestingly, we often learn best from our mistakes. That reality, coupled with the depth and breadth of information that can be accessed and delivered via the Internet, led to the development of eStudy's learning exams.

College students spend an awful lot of time studying (hooray for knowledge!), yet that time isn’t always spent effectively. In our learning exams, we’ve synthesized everything you might need to know on a range of topics – from freshman Sociology to mid-level Molecular Biology and beyond – and presented it as an engaging, interactive test with detailed answers.

We developed this tool because we’re positive that the exam format is the best way to learn, especially at the collegiate level. Here’s why:

eStudy’s learning exams highlight exactly what you need to know to master the material. You can use your study time wisely to focus your energy on the content that matters most.

With our questions and detailed answers, you learn from your mistakes and retain more information. Our process of active learning helps you remember more material in less time.

Our learning exams will pinpoint your weak areas in any subject, and then fill in those gaps by supplying you with detailed information about the answer. Rather than wondering which concepts could use more work, you’ll completely master all of the material.

Our learning exams offer a more powerful way to learn: simply choose the topic you’re studying to review the subject matter, fill in any gaps, and really make the information stick.

The founders of eStudy have been involved in web-based learning for over fifteen years. We have backgrounds in technology, design, finance, and – of course! – education. While a lot has changed over this period of time, the idea that we can learn more effectively from our mistakes remains as true as ever.

We hope that our learning exams supercharge your studying! We’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, comments and feedback – please feel free to let us know what you think at any point.